MR DataSci - About

Matthieu Rasset is a data scientist and luxury business specialist based in Paris, France.

As a son of two professors of physics and mathematics, Matthieu grew up constantly engaged in conversations about numbers and science on both analytical and intellectual levels.

After receiving his Bachelors and Masters degrees in International Business from the University of Le Havre and spending two years abroad in China, Matthieu went on to develop a sales profession driven by his deep passion for watches and their intricate mechanics. During his seven year career in horology, jewelry, and luxury sales, Matthieu’s curiosity to understand not just the objects at hand, but the values and predictive sales patterns behind them, led him to develop a career in data science.

Bilingual in French and English with proficiency in Chinese and Japanese, Matthieu proved his alacrity for language was also present in his digital capacities, having taught himself coding in order to enhance his data research and help develop businesses further.
He is proficient in Python (numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, matplotlib, tensorflow), SQL, Scala, Spark, JavaScript, and Tableau.

Today, Matthieu fuses his business background together with superior technical skills and an analytical mindset to create powerful predictive models and analyses that make businesses thrive. Uniquely, his finesse in communication honed from his mastery in luxury client engagement allows him to effectively present complex research in clear, engaging, and visual narratives to clients with both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

Matthieu’s interests include playing chess, the New York Times Crosswords, cooking, and vintage watches. He lives and works in Paris, France with his American wife.

You can find examples of his work here.